Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to Seem Creative

Today, while pondering over typical college work (lots of reading), I wondered what denotes the level of creativity in a person. I mean, I have received the gratification of being placed into the class of "creative" people; but honestly, I do not know why. I assume that 'creativity' denotes originality of a thought or concept. Maybe this is why I do not consider myself all as creative as other people. But, who are the truly creative? Are they the ones that hype up on crazy drugs and paint some intense abstract art?

I do not typically indulge in drug use, though (actually, I never do).  So, how would one go about earning the title of 'creative?'

Well, I think for one, most people only occasionally have extremely creative ideas that are not influenced by any outside forces.  I can admit to being influenced by many different things to exhibit creativity of some form.  For instance, imagine going to a party.  You're snacking on Doritos (the best flavor, of course; use your imagination) with friends and a battle of wits breaks out amongst the group.  You were at a party last week and a similar situation took place where one of the members of last week's party outsmarted you.  Nobody at this party was at last week's party, so what do you do? Well, DUH. You use something similar (if not, exactly the same) to what the clever person at last week's party used on you.  This way, you appear much more clever than anyone else there, and you redeem a few, "Wow! You're so creative!" compliments, as well. 

So, if you ever wonder why you do not seem as creative as other people, you now know that they probably are not all as creative as you think. 


  1. I quite enjoyed this post. As a studio art major I feel as though I'm required to be creative. Though I feel like especially in the art world, pretty much everyone is coping each other. For instance, When starting out you're told to study and copy works of The Masters to learn from them. I feel like when you study and copy these works, the probability of using a part of their work or a trait of theirs in your own work majorly increases. We are influenced so much by the world around us that we pick up things from others whether it be words, ideas, traits or skills. Like when your inspired by something, that thing which inspires you, you're using part of that thing, no matter how abstractly, in your work. So therefore can you really call this idea truly yours when it abstractly came from something else? I guess the trick to being "creative" is to use things from others but change it enough, and put your own twist on it, so it's not identical to the thing which inspired you. Did that make any sense?

  2. No, that completely makes sense! Thank you for that. I'm actually an artist as well, which is why I am really happy you brought that up, because it really does seem very relevant. :)

  3. I found it interesting that you decided to post about this because I'm currently taking a History of Creativity class in which we tried to define what creativity is. This was a hard task for me as I believe the creativity doesn't have a definition it just is. Thanks for sharing you're ideas on the matter!

  4. Oh! No problem! It's something that I have always thought about. Ya know, on contemplative walks and things like that. I just would like to know where the creativity originated, ya know? Who is able to come up with a completely new and original idea?