Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Opinion Editorial Process Evaluation

I'm not particularly sure if I have any real genuine thoughts on creating my opinion editorial concerning the subject of awkardness.  It was interesting to see how much a paper could develop with each round it went through and how much each level required for input.  I mean, the rough draft was REALLY rough and I did not take any time to edit it at all, because that is what instigates a quality rough draft paper, right? So, editing that definitely took most of the work. It was nice to get feedback on how to make the paper much more appealing, as well as how to be more specific. I enjoyed the comments people would make as they read the paper each time, so I could fix it as well. However, I have always enjoyed writing; it just seems to be a good way to spend time, so I do not know if I would say that I felt out of sorts when writing about something that I wanted to write about.  Then, the polished rough draft was nice just to get in some cleaner editing and revision.  I enjoy taking the time to get all almost all of the spelling errors or punctuation corrections, as well as getting other people to read it so I can fix any unanswered counterarguments that they might see and I had never thought of.  I tend to notice that other people have good advice because they all think completely differently, so if I want to appeal to a large audience, it's good to get their opinions beforehand.  Any who, by the time I got to the final draft of my opinion editorial, I only had to focus on minor punctuation corrections and sprinkling in better wording for the "Awkward Blob."  My favorite part of this process was the pictures, though; they were just hilarious to make and I think they really help the argument I'm trying to portray.  Plus, they add humor, which is always good. I want people to think I'm funny!


  1. Where is the pictures!!! We want awkward blob!!!
    I agree, it was a good process to go through, usually I don't like such formal writing, or any writing for that matter, but this was kind of fun to see the evolution of my paper.

  2. I totally agree, Brian. I do not typically like the process as well, but this was fine.