Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Girls! PFFT!

So, normally I write about random "blobs" and stuff ("blobs" is equivalent to blogs for new readers), but today I will focus on something a little bit different. Why do girls fantasize about things that they would never in actuality want in their life? Take for instance, the Twilight Series: with the new movie on its way to hit the theaters, I think it is a relevant reference. Anyways, back to the point.  I was just thinking about male stars and why girls like them so much.  I am in no way hating on Stephanie Meyers books, of course; in fact, I read the books and I liked them very much. Plus, I really appreciated the way Stephanie Meyers developed the characters so well; however, the movies and the fans are a bit ridiculous to me. 

Everytime one of the new Twilight Series movies comes out, I find myself dreading the audience and posters and everything that I find surrounding me.  I hear girls fighting about "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" and I cannot help thinking, "hey, that's kind of super lame."  I mean, for one thing, they are not real people: they are fictional characters. For another thing, the actors are just regular people and definitely nothing to be oogling at.  Taylor Lautner, for example: sure, he's built and everything, but-- he was sharkboy and will forever be just that. 

(My best friend and I happened upon a free poster of Taylor Lautner.  Gaze upon the Splendour! GAZE.)

What's more is the fact that girls always fantasize about some man who will sweep them off their feet and whisk them away to happily ever after land. Girls-- you do not want a guy who sneaks into your room while you are sleeping just to hear you talk while you sleep; you would definitely think it creepy of them. 
Anyways, I have no idea why I wanted to write on this subject. I think I just wanted to draw the picture at the top of the page and expound on it. Thanks for reading this rant! :)


  1. Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard at your added insight to the picture of Taylor. I especially like the gills, missing tooth and unibrow. Yep, Shark boy never looked so good!

  2. Your creepy, stalker like picture at the beginning of this blog post is so funny! Were you trying to portray Edward looking over Bella while she sleeps? Because that's what I got from it. Haha so funny.