Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Issues Paper Ideas

I was thinking about what topics I could write about for my issues paper, and I am only coming up with a few ideas here and there.  My first idea is about today's morals and how they are becoming less defined.  Research questions I would have for that topic are "What were the old morals and why might they have changed," "In what ways is society's break down of morals becoming less defined," and "Is the effect of loose morals based upon a person's own personal definition of morally correct behavior really affecting anything?"

My second idea is writing about the topic of pets being treated too well.  I think about how several people begin to treat their pets like people: they dress them up in scarves, have paintings done of them, and even get them pedicures or whatever. So, my questions for this topic are simple: Does treating animals like people end up being good or bad for the pets, are real people being neglected from the excess of animal rights activists, and what would make a person forget that their pet is actually a pet rather than a child?

the last idea I had is split between either sexual orientation and whether it is a choice or not, or about relationships and how often times people rush into relationships without thinking about what they are getting into.  Still not sure about that one yet.  Anyways, any ideas or comments are welcome. THANK YOU!


  1. I haven't heard of many Animal rights activists petitions for pets. But I don't think you can treat pets too well. I think it is ridiculous that some girls dress up their dogs as ballerinas and such, but I think that some people are able to connect better with animals. It has been proven that kids with autism are greatly improved, both socially and mentally when a pet is introduced into their lives. I think its a great idea that can have two sides, but it might be hard to find credible sources.

  2. I also like the pet topic. I heard somewhere that some people spend more money on their pets than their children. I think that if this is true it is ridiculous. Either way I'd like to read a paper about it.

  3. I think there is a point where you can treat a pet too well. If you start getting your dog sweaters and paintings of your dogs, rather than your kids, I would say the comparison of treatment is the problem. Make sense? (Right on Rachel!)

  4. There was a lady who left all her money in her will to her pet poodle, so it would be taken care of. like it was ridiculous. who does that?