Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Rhetorical Analysis Process

To begin, I am going to be talking about the process of writing my rhetorical analysis (as stated in the title above).  So, if you have no interest in reading about my thoughts on this subject, I suggest you read something more interesting... like the actual rhetorical analysis. Writing a rhetorical analysis reminded me a lot of my AP English class in high school, actually.  In fact, I am pretty sure that all of the papers I wrote in my AP English class were very similarly formatted.  Basically what I am trying to say is that I felt a bit more comfortable writing the rhetorical analysis, even though it is slightly more formal than the opinion editorial. 

My actual process for writing the rhetorical analysis (RA) is an interesting one.  I actually really did not want to write anything at all when I got started on my rough draft and it was pretty evident from its content.  I left out a lot of detail and kept really short paragraphs, mostly just making sure I fit in the correct amount of words and getting enough examples to get the credit I needed. My introduction and conclusion were strong, however, because I hold the opinion that those two items must be exceedingly strong before you can back it up with really good evidence.  By the time I needed to write the second draft of the RA I was able to just bust out all the writing that previously could not be found.  The peer reviewing was also really helpful in the process of writing the RA and I enjoyed receiving advice from others who had actually read the paper themselves.  They helped me work out all the last details to make my rhetorical analysis something presentable.

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